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Maximizing Laptop Performance & Battery Life

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 6/21/2013 Categories:

Laptop is a symbol of youth now-a-days. It became very popular all over the world because it is portable. Recently, the price of laptop came to the reach of the middle class. So, it's uses increasing day by day. In addition, Laptop users are facing many complexities. There are some problems that can be solved by a user. So, let's know some tips and tricks of using laptop:

Some Tips and Tricks of Using Laptop:

  • For the best performance of a battery pls. follow the instructions given bellow:
  1. To run the laptop without direct electrical connection, decrease the screen resolution.
  • Turn off/ Minimize the unnecessary window.
  • If it isn't necessary, turn off Blue-tooth and WI-FI facility.
  • Try to play movie or music from the Hard Drive. Because, CD/DVD ROM use more power.
  • Keep your Laptop in such a place where the air blows easily. If possible, use a cooler.
  • Use Hibernate instead of Shutdown option to turn-off.
  • Occasionally clean the battery connection when the laptop is turned off.
  •  Turn off the unnecessary programs to reduce pressure on the processor.
  • Don't do anything about Hard Drive or CPU maintenance.
  • Though, You need not use laptop from battery, you should do that within 2/3 weeks. Otherwise, battery life will be reduced. 

How To Increase Laptop Performance:

  1. To decrease memory use, turn-off the unnecessary programs or window.
  2. Every now and then. you can run the following these kind of software: Ram Cleaner, Ram Optimizer, Mem Monster, Free  Up Ram, Super Ram, Ram Smash, Mem Zilla, Memory Washer etc. to clean up your laptop memory.
  3. Thus the Mozilla Firefox is a friendly browser, it uses more memory. You can use fewer memory here.
  4. Update the Mozilla Plug-ins every now and then.
  5. We use various Mozilla extensions to decorate it or to get facilities. Some of these create problems in system performance. Give up these extensions.
  6. Use a quality Antivirus. But not Norton of course. Because, it makes the system slow. Once, I was in a great problem of it.
  7. Sometimes, you can scan your system online.
  8. Keep your system spyware free. These make problems to your system performance: Download and run Tune Up Utilities or System Mechanic software.
  9. Defragment your Laptop in time.
  10. Uninstall the software which are not necessary at this time.
  11. Keep away your laptop from your beloved kids.
  12. Try to keep your laptop dust free.
  13. Don't use laptop under direct sunlight.
  14. Use an extra plastic cover on display. Don't press the display. It's very sensitive. It's better to use no chemicals to clean display.
  15. Clean your keyboard by using a soft brush. You can also use a key-guard to keep it clean. It's not so expensive.
  16. You should take water, tea or coffee carefully at the time of using laptop.
  17. Never keep a pen, modem. pen drive or any other flash drive on the key board. If you fit  your laptop's lid by keeping those, your display may be crashed.
  18. Try to pack up your laptop when it became completely cool after using.
  19. Try to use USB Mouse or Key board to decrease pressure on your laptop.
  20. The CD/DVD Rom is very sensitive. It's better to decrease it's using. Don't use a foul/ wasted/ spotted CD.
  21. Never use your laptop on your bed. It troubles the ventilation system. Always keep the ventilation system free.
  22. At the time of playing games in your laptop, don't press key board so much. It's better to use a external key board.
  23. Try to run your laptop by battery back up. After full charged, disconnect power. And plug in when the battery level come to 20%. It's harmful to battery to keep it connected to electricity always.
  24. Use a quality  licensed Anti Virus. You can keep your system safe by using a free version Anti Virus also. Though, it's better to use a licensed one.
  25. Scan the pen drive or any flash drive before using. You can install USB Security Guard. Never use without scanning.
  26. Use a quality three-pin cable to charge. It keep your Laptop safe.
  27. Always use a  quality accessories from authorized producer.
  28. If, there is a problem in your laptop, contact a experienced person or technician. Never open even a screw yourself.
  29. Always buy a laptop from original dealer or importer. Don't buy a second hand laptop from a stranger.
I will be back later. Please, stay with us. If this topic is helpful to you, pls. leave a comment. Thank you.

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