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8 Best SEO Tricks for Blogger.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/12/2013 Categories:
Today's post is about Best SEO Tricks for Blogger. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. To get more visitors you have to know SEO. It's the most important factor to get higher page rank or to be on the upper in the search engine results.

The most important element of SEO for Blogger:

Swap the Blog Title after Page Title in Blogger.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/09/2013 Categories: |
By default, blogger templates show the blog title first and then your post title. If your blog title is so long, your post title which contains the keywords might not shown in a search result.

Here's an example:

How to Add Meta Description to Each Post in Blogger.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/07/2013 Categories:
A meta description is an HTML tag which is short term description of a web page or an article. In a search engine result, your meta description helps a visitor to make him to click or not to visit your site. Adding meta description makes him to know if your page/article is able to meet his need or not.
In Social bookmarking sites, meta description is usually used as the content,s snippets. Adding meta description increases the chances of being clicked on and helps to be shown on the first page of search engine results. You can use this SEO Tools to examine your content's meta tag description.

Content Optimization: A Complete Guide to SEO Friendly Content.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/06/2013 Categories:

Content Optimization is very important for search engine rankings. As you are a blogger or article writer, you must think about content management. Because, to see your site on the first page of various search engines, you must write SEO friendly contents. So, you have to know about the content management system. In this article , I shall discuss on how to do content optimization.

Key features of Content Optimization:

Selecting Keywords: 
When you are about going to write an article, at first you have to choose keywords. There are many online tools for keyword research. The Google Keyword Planner and the Bing Webmaster Tools helps you much in this situation. I think, these two tools are most powerful and user friendly. I think, this topic "10 Best Free SEO Tools-2013" is helpful to you.

Add a "Back to Top" Button to Blogger: 25 Exclusive Design

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/04/2013 Categories:

"Back to Top" button is a nice shortcut to back to the top of a web page. In my blog, you can see one of them in the lower right corner. It's very helpful for one. It's also a SEO tool, because when a visitor scroll down in your blog, usually he doesn't scroll again to go to the top. Then, the "Back to Top" button helps him much. There is a Tutorial on adding "Back to Top" button.

How to add a "Back to Top" button to blogger?

You can add also one of them to your blogger's blog. To add your own:

Step 1: 
Log in to your blogger account and go to "Layout".

10 Best Free SEO Tools -2013

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/01/2013 Categories:

Each site owner heartily wants to see their website on the first page of Google. This is not easy if you don't have any researches about optimizing your site. You should have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. There are many free SEO tools. You can use them to promote your site even if you are a beginner.

10 Best Free SEO Services:

Here's a list of Best Free Seo Tools. But, if you want most powerful performance, you should use the paid services.

Google Keyword Planner:

It's a new SEO tools of Google replacing former Google adwords. Google provides this tool with various new features. To use Google Keyword Planner  you should have a Google account. 

By using this free SEO tool you can get keyword ideas in a brief related to your site. You can take a full list of keywords created from this tool and run the complete list through the Google Keyword Planner to get the search amount. This is very annoying to find a ton of results without the relation of desired keyword when running a keyword search. You can just tell the tool to keep phrases that related to your search.