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8 Great Mistakes in Link Building: How to Avoid.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 4/27/2014 Categories: |
The most important factor of SEO is Link Building and to avoid the mistakes. Link building plays a vital role in Search Engine Rankings. Link building is a part and parcel of Off-Page Optimization. There are some Link Building tricks which can help us to get powerful back link. 

If you want to get high page rank, you have to create not only back link, but quality back link. A good back link is better than hundreds of those. At the time of creating back link, most of us do something wrong. Today, I am going to discuss about  great mistakes in link building.

Back link for an Evil Site:

Don't make back link for an evil site. Evil site means: Spam site, Duplicate content site, Auto blogging site, Illegal site, Porn site, etc. Search Engines don't like back links for those kind of site. Even, if you create back links from those kind of sites for your good one, then the Search Engines will penalize you also, and you will loose ranking in Search Engine results. So, you should avoid this kind of mistakes.

Buying and Selling back links:

Don't try to buy back links for your site. Even, don't use any kind of software to  create back links. Sometimes, Search Engines dismissed indexing for a site for this reason. Every Search Engines like only natural back link. Buying links are considered as spamming by the Giant Search Engine- Google. So, you should stop getting these kind of link for your site.

No-follow Link:

No-follow back link is not fruitful for the High Ranking in Search Engine results, especially for Google. But, you can create no-follow links for the ranking in Bing results. You should create more and more do-follow back link. You have to create no-follow back link also, but less than do-follow. Only do-follow link may be considered as spamming also.

Back Link from High PR Site:

Sometimes, we forget about getting back link from high PR sites. A back link from high PR site is very very fruitful for a good ranking in Search Engine results. But, you should create back link from a low or 0 page rank site also. Only back link from high PR site doesn't seem natural. So, we should create back link from both of high and low page rank site.

There's a theme:
Page Rank 0 - 1 very low
Page Rank 2 - 3 acceptable
Page Rank 4 or more - Just fine.

Back Link from Unrelated Sites:

You have to just avoid back link from sites which are unrelated to your site. A quality back link from a related site is more effective to high page ranking in Search Engine results. So, we should try our best to get back link from a related site.

Anchor Text without Keywords:

Anchor text plays a vital role in Search Engine Ranking. It's wise to use your targeted keyword in lieu of your name or site's name as an anchor text. It would be better to get a good ranking for your site.

"Click here" or "Check it", these kind of anchor text shouldn't be used as an anchor text. Though back link from a high PR site is good enough forever, back link by using anchor text with targeted keyword is very useful for your site.

Plenty of Back Link in a Short Time:

Creating thousands of back link in a few days is not good for your site. Sometimes, we notice more back link than the number of visitors. But, this is considered as spamming. Google can penalize you for this kind of mistake. So, we should create back links by following the numbers of visitors. You can never get high page ranking by a day.

Exchanging Back Link:

Exchanging back link is another way to get plenty of back links in a short time. But, if you do this in a mass scale, you may be headed to trouble. You should just avoid this kind of mistake.

There's no short cut way to get long-term ranking. By buying and exchanging link, you can get short-term results. But, you have to do your best for a long-term result. It takes time to get acceptable and valuable links.

Finally, you should just avoid these kind of mistakes in Link Building. Just write more and more killer posts in your blog. You'll get more and more traffic to your site and a good ranking.
Thanks a lot.

Best On-Page Optimization Tips: SEO - 2014

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 4/19/2014 Categories:

On-Page Optimization is one of the best way for SEO. Every webmasters should think about On-Page Optimization before doing SEO for a website. There's no need lots of time for On-Page Optimization. Then, why need On-Page Optimization? By this, you will not get only a good ranking in search engine results but also your website would be more readable to visitors. You will get more visitors to your website by On-Page Optimization.

SEO is a never-closing headache for every SEO specialists. Regular algorithmic changes with Google, Bing and other search engines can mean that the decision you make today could be failed tomorrow. Particularly if your SEO method is best for this time, it seems that there is always something left that could still be done to make things more effective. One of the best elements of SEO is high Page Rank back links, but they are tough to get, are powered by high quality contents, and take months or years to be fruitful. Producing high quality consumer-valued, brand-focused contents should always be the foundation of your SEO efforts. But there are simple, easy On-Page Optimization efforts that you can take to make your website more desirable in search engine results.

Here are few things to do for On Page Optimization:

Easiest Way to Submit Your Blogger's Sitemap to Google.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 4/17/2014 Categories: |
If you are a new blogger, I think you have a blogger's blog. And you are worried about your blog's visitors. You must do something for SEO of your blog. It's an essential step for SEO to add your site and submit a sitemap to Google.

Adding your blog or site or submitting a sitemap for your blog to search engine is the best way to get more visitors to your blog. Submitting a sitemap means requesting a search engine for indexing all of your blog post

In this topic, I shall describe how to add your site and submit a sitemap to the giant search engine Google.

3 Steps to Submit a Sitemap to Google: