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Install Bengali Font in Your Mobile Phone.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 6/22/2013 Categories: |

How can I read Bangla in my mobile phone?

I have a Nokia C-05 handset brought from Dubai. But, there was no Bengali font installed in my handset. So, I couldn't access any website written in Bengali. If you have such a problem, Come here. No more hesitation! You can solve this problem by taking some steps.

How can I download Bangla font for my mobile phone?

At first you should have Opera Mini Web Browser for your phone. If you haven't one, you can download it from Nokia Store and install it. 

Now, run the Opera Mini Web Browser. 
Type - (opera:config) on the address bar.
Then press- "go" button.
A new page will open. Find- "Use bitmap fonts for complex script" here.
If "No" option is selected, by clicking the arrow , select the option "Yes". Please, look at the picture.
Then, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Wow! you made it. Now, You can access any website written in Bengali using your Opera Mini Web Browser. 
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