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10 Best Websites for Free Software Download.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 5/27/2014 Categories:

We need various kinds of software to do our daily work on the Computer. There are some high pricing softwares. But, it's not possible for most people buying them. So, they look for websites to download free software. Free software doesn't mean completely free. You can download only pro versions of those kinds of softwares. 

But, there are other kind of softwares which are completely free. They are called open source software. Open source is a pretty new idea that has acquired a huge popularity in the field of IT in recent years. This is mainly because open source software is completely free of charges. As it is developed by non-profit organizations, sometimes it has disadvantages also. Here's a short list of reliable sites for Free Software Download.

Best Sites to Download free Softwares:

File Omega: 

File Omega is a famous site for various kinds of softwares. You can find PC software, Android apps, Android games here. You can also find drivers for your PC. Trial versions of some paid software are also available here. 
Software Categories: 
  • Anti Malware, 
  • Audio and Video, 
  • Browsers and Plugins, 
  • CD and DVD Tools, 
  • Compression and Backup, 
  • Desktop,
  • Developer Tools,
  • File Sharing,
  • File Transfer,
  • Firewalls and Security,
  • Messaging and Chat,
  • Networking,
  • Office Collection,
  • Photo and Image Editing,
  • System Tuning etc.

Download for All:

Download for All is another site for free software Download. You can download Full, Pro and Portable versions of softwares from here. 
Services of Download for All:
  • Software
  • Mac Application
  • Games
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music Video
  • E-Books
  • Template
  • Video Tutorials
  • Software for Mobile, iPhone/iPad etc.

File Hippo:

File Hippo is one of the best sites for free software download. There are individual softwares for Windows and Mac OS. This site is very easy to navigate. So, you can feel free while using File Hippo. This site is my favorite one. 
Software Categories:
  • Browsers
  • Anti Malware
  • System Tuning
  • Photo and Image Editing
  • File Sharing
  • Security
  • Compression
  • Multimedia
  • Messaging
  • Office
  • Networking
  • Desktop
  • File Transfer
  • Developer
  • CD/DVD
  • Drivers are also available here.


Softpedia is a very rich site for free software download. There are individual softwares for different OS such as: Windows, Mac and Linux. Games and Drivers are also available here. 
Their specialty:
  • Antivirus, Security
  • CD/DVD, Networking
  • Science/CAD
  • Tweak, Webscripts
  • Mobile Phone Tools
  • Windows Widgets
  • Programming, Hendheld Software
  • Desktop Enhance, Games and Tools
  • Various kinds of softwares are available.

Freeware Files:

Freeware Files is a popular site for Open source softwares. It's Google Page Rank is 7. So, imagine that, how popular this site is!
Software Categories:
  • Utilities
  • Games
  • Security/Privacy
  • Audio/Video
  • Home and Education
  • Business/Organize
  • Internet
  • Desktop Enhancements
  • Network
  • Developer Tools
  • Programming
  • Drivers
  • Graphic Design etc.


CNET is the most popular site for free software download I think. It's Alexa Rank is 108 and PR 7. Millions of visitors visit this site per month. So, you can rely on them for free software. Software of different platforms such as: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android are available here.
Their specialty:
  • Games
  • Travel Software
  • iTunes and iPod Software
  • Operating System
  • Business Software
  • Education Software
  • Communication
  • Browsers
  • And other Software.


Softonic is another popular site in the world. Their Alexa Rank is 211 and PR 6. So, it's a reliable site for free software download. You can also rely on them.
Software Categories:
  • PC Games
  • Browsers
  • Utility Software
  • Security Software
  • Audio and Video Software
  • Design and Communication Software
  • Science and Business Software
  • Web Development Software
  • Website and Blog Software etc.

File Buzz:

File Buzz is another PR 6 site for free software. You can find Paid and Free software here. So, visit this site for your desired software. 
Software Categories:
  • Business
  • Drivers
  • Communication
  • Desktop
  • Educational
  • Family 
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Internet
  • Multimedia
  • Network
  • Productivity and Programming
  • Scripts
  • Themes
  • Utilities etc.

ZD Net:

ZD Net is another one of the most popular sites for free software. It's Alexa Rank is 1578 and PR 7 while I am writing this post. Thousands of visitors visit this site per day for their desired softwares. You can also rely on them. 
Software Category:
  • Browsers
  • Business and Communication Software
  • Drivers and Developer Tools
  • Digital Photo Instruments
  • Educational and Entertainment Software
  • Graphic Design
  • iTunes and iPad
  • Utilities and OS
  • Travel Software etc.

Source Forge:

Source Forge is a reliable place to find, create and publish open source software for free. It's Google Page Rank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 171. Softwares of different platforms are available here. You can feel free to visit this site. 
Software Categories:

  • Audio and Video
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Home and Education
  • Graphics
  • Games
  • Science and Engineering
  • Security and Utilities
  • System Administration, etc.
More Sites for Free Software Download:

I think, this post will help you much finding your desired software. These sites are very popular for Free Software Download. If you have another choice, then, feel free to publish your opinion by commenting.
Thanks to all.

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