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Top 15 Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Site.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 5/19/2014 Categories: |

People judge a site in many ways, such as: Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Moz Rank etc. Even advertisers examine your Alexa Rank to advertise on your blog/website. Alexa Ranking is a most important factor for your site. It's mostly related to increase traffic to your site. and Alexa Ranking: is a part of which define ranking of a site. It provides an analytics that figure out of your website. was started in 1996. By this time, they have added many features.

Alexa Ranking is a grading/ranking system centered on the number of page views of a site for the people with the Alexa toolbar installed. That means when visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser visit your site, your Alexa Rank will boost up. Though, it depends upon many elements, I can say that, a site having a good number of visitors and with regular updates may always have a good Alexa Rank. You have to create an account on

How to Increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blog/Website:

With a good Alexa Ranking, you can ask higher prices for advertisements on your site and attract more new advertisers. There are a few things to do to increase your Alexa Ranking. Now, check the tips given below:

Tips- 1: Do SEO for Your Site:

You have to attract more visitors to your site. It's only possible if your site places on the first few pages in Search Engine Results. At first, I will give you some On-page and Off-page Optimization tips-
  • Use proper keywords in your page title, description and domain name,
  • Use proper keywords in meta title,
  • Use Image Alt. tag,
  • Use proper Anchor texts.

Tips- 2: Write Quality and Regular Content:

Quality content is the first and foremost thing to increase traffic to your site. And, the more you get traffic, the more chances of getting higher Alexa Ranking. Good content always strikes high ranking in SERP's. Write on a regular basis. This will definitely help you to boost your Alexa Ranking.

Tips- 3: Download and Install Alexa Toolbar:

Alexa Toolbar is the best way to keep track of your site. When visitors (with Alexar toolbar installed on their browser) visit your site, it helps a lot to increase your Alexa Ranking. You should install Alexa Toolbar on your browser. 

Tips- 4: Claim/Verify Your Website:

You have to claim or verify your site at It helps you to get better Alexa Ranking. It needs some simple steps. Go to the below link: put your homepage URL and then continue. Then, you have to copy a simple code and place it in your HTML section of your site.

Tips- 5: Keep an Alexa Rank Widget:

Keeping an Alexa Rank Widget on your site will also help you to boost up Alexa Ranking. It displays the current status of your blog/site on every page of your site. An advertiser can make decision if there's an advertisement on your site.

Tips- 6: Encourage Others to Install Alexa Toolbar:

It's important to make sure that, your visitors have installed Alexa Toolbar on their browser. You can create a custom Alexa Toolbar from here and let your visitors (including your friends, fellow webmasters) installed the toolbar. It will help you to drive more traffic to your site.

Tips- 7: Write a Post or Review about Alexa on Your Blog:

Alexa loves a site containing reviews about it. So, write a review about and Alexa Ranking and put a link back to Moreover, most webmasters and bloggers like to read about increasing Alexa Rank. If you get more visitors who are blogger or webmasters then, your Alexa Rank will increase faster because all the techy people must be installed the Alexa toolbar on their browser.

Tips- 8: Write More Related to Webmaster:

Write more about Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO and related to webmasters. Because, people who like this kind of contents are mostly webmaster. Thus, you can get more visitors installed Alexa toolbar on their browser. Feel free to share your content on webmaster forums. This will effect on your Alexa Ranking.

Tips- 9: Try Alexa Auto Surf:

This kind of Traffic Exchange Programs bring a lot of traffic to your site who have installed the Alexa toolbar. I think, these are most fruitful for new websites with a very poor Alexa Rank. But, these aren't a long term solution to increase your Alexa Rank. Because, it often increases your bounce rate.

Tips- 10: Ask for Reviews:

Positive reviews will surely do wonders for your rank. If you have a reliable user base, you can request your visitors to write reviews about your site. If you are a newbie, get some friends do it for you at the beginning.

Tips- 11: Create Quality Backlinks:

A good number of quality backlinks are always necessary for your site's Page Rank. As a result, you can get more visitors. Try to make do-follow link because, Search Engines avoid the no-follow link while crawling and indexing your site.

Tips- 12: Be Busy on Social Networking Sites:

Social Networking sites are reliable platform to share your posts or site. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Stumble Upon etc. to get publicity. As a result, you can get a maximum number of visitors to your site which have a positive impact on your Alexa Ranking.

Tips- 13: Submit Your Site to Directories: 

It's an another best way to get more traffic to your site. People find their desired sites by searching in web directories. Directories show websites in definite category. It helps you to make inbound links to your site.

Tips- 14: Submit Your Site in Blog Directories:

It's a better way to get publicity. By submitting your blog to Blog Directories, you can attract more traffics to your blog. 

Tips- 15: Increase Guest Blogging:

Try to write a guest post on high PR Guest Blogging Sites. It'll help you much to build backlinks. Having a good number of backlinks in high PR sites will help you to get high PR and to improve Alexa Ranking. During guest blogging, you should keep in mind that: Only quality contents can drive visitors to your site.

Improving your Alexa Ranking is a long term process. When your site is visible in the first few pages of a Search Engine Results, there'll be more and more visitors to your site. Better Alexa Ranking means popular website which is visited by thousands of visitors per day. So, you should make your site useful and qualitative. I think, the first two tips are the most important to improve your Alexa level. 
Thanks a lot. Happy Blogging!

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