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Easiest Way to Submit Your Blogger's Sitemap to Google.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 4/17/2014 Categories: |
If you are a new blogger, I think you have a blogger's blog. And you are worried about your blog's visitors. You must do something for SEO of your blog. It's an essential step for SEO to add your site and submit a sitemap to Google.

Adding your blog or site or submitting a sitemap for your blog to search engine is the best way to get more visitors to your blog. Submitting a sitemap means requesting a search engine for indexing all of your blog post

In this topic, I shall describe how to add your site and submit a sitemap to the giant search engine Google.

3 Steps to Submit a Sitemap to Google:

Step 1- Submit your blog to Google:

  • Go to the Google Site Submission Page.
  • Fill up the box with your blog homepage url.
  • Finish the captcha entry and then click "Submit Request". Please, look at the screenshot given below.

  • Congratulations! You have added your blog in Google.
Step-2: Verification of Your Blogger's Blog:

  • Go to Google Webmaster Tool.
  • If you added your site to Google, the list of your blogs is present in the new page.
  • Click on the drop down arrow beside "Manage Site". And click on the "Verify Site".

  • Then, in the next page click on the "Alternative Method" as the picture given below.

  • But, if you don't find the option "Verify Site" as told before, then click on your "blog name" as the picture given below.

  • In the next page: click on the "Settings Arrow" and click on "Verification Details". Have a look at the screenshot.

  • In the next page, click on the "Verify using a different method".
  • In the next page, click on the radio button beside "HTML Tag" as the screen shot given below. you will notice the HTML Meta Tag for the verification of your blog. Don't close this window of your browser.
  • Copy the HTML code.

  • Now. go to your: blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Use CTRL+F to find the code: <head>
  • Insert the code (which you copied before) just after <head>
  • Then, Save Template.
  • Again, Open the "Webmaster Tool" window of your browser and click on the "Verify".
Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of your blogger's blog.

Step-3: Submit Your Sitemap:

  • At first, copy the code given below.
  • The above code is for only 500 posts. If you have more than 500 posts in your blog, just copy the code given below:
  • These are the sitemap code for your blogger's blog.
  • Now, go to "Google Webmaster Tool" again.
  • Click on your blog address as the screenshot given below.
  • Click on the "Sitemap".

  • In the next page click on the box "ADD/TEST SITEMAP".
  • Paste the code which you have copied before in the box and then click "Submit Sitemap".

  • Then, Refresh the page.
Congrates, you have successfully submitted your blogger's sitemap to Google. Now, just wait only for 3 days. Google will automatically crawl and index every single page of your blog.

Finally: You can submit your blogger's sitemap to Google by following the above steps. If it is helpful for you then please, share this topic with your friends. 

Happy Blogging.

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