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8 Best SEO Tricks for Blogger.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/12/2013 Categories:
Today's post is about Best SEO Tricks for Blogger. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. To get more visitors you have to know SEO. It's the most important factor to get higher page rank or to be on the upper in the search engine results.

The most important element of SEO for Blogger:

Now, come to the point.

The Best SEO Tricks for Blogger:

1. Before Writing a Post:

Selecting the post subject is the most crucial part of post creating. Your post should provide something valuable to the readers. Ask some questions to yourself about your article:
  • Is the content beneficial to the readers?
  • Is the content unique?
  • Is it properly comprehensive?
  • Are there any grammatical false or spelling mistakes?
  • Is the content attractive to the readers?
  • Did I put examples, references or unique ideas?
Make sure that, you are following the most recent trends. Try to write about what's hot. Keep busy yourself to monitoring what your competitors writing about and what methods they are using.

Keyword research is another most important element of Content Optimization. Choose the best keywords individually for the titles, meta description, tags etc.

2. While Writing a Post.

According to the SEO experts "Title is the King" of an article. An attractive title may increase visitors to your blog. Make sure the following issues to make the title attractive:
  • Use the main keyword in your title. Starting the title with keywords is better for SEO.
  • Don't make your title too long or too short. Just write simply so that the readers can understand.
  • Never use more than 65 characters in your title.
  • Be careful about grammar and spelling because the title is the mirror of your article.
Start your article with the main keywords but don't use it too much. Using keyword is an important element of On-page Optimization. Put all of your keywords in your first paragraph. The ideal keyword density is about 2-5%. You can use this free SEO Tools to find your keyword density.

Try to use blend of different headings. Generally, the blog titles are H1 headings in blogger. So, you can never use H1s more in your post. The post titles are H2 headings. So, you should rarely use H2s. For the most part, use only H3s and H4s.

3. Meta Description:

Meta description is the second most important issue for Content Optimization. It means short term description of your post viewing in the search engine results. So, you should know about How to add Meta Description in Blogger. It is wise to write a meta description within 160 characters.

4. Linking:

Every content of your blog must contains inner links to another relevant post. This plays an important role in the field of SEO. You should put minimum two inner links in your starting paragraph. And try to put minimum two more inner links in the rest of your post.

5. Show Post Titles and than Page Titles.

Generally, blogger template shows the blog title first and than post title in search engine results. But, it isn't good for better SEO. So, you should change the system. You can easily swap the blog titles by reading the following article: Swap the blog title after the post title

6. Enable Search Description and Custom Robots Header Tags:

You should write a short description for your entire blog. To do this, just follow the steps:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Settings>> Search Preferences.
  • And then find "Description" under Basic title.
  • Click on the "Edit" and write a description of your blog within 160 characters. And then, Save.
It's time to define Custom Robots Header Tags. To do this:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Settings>> Search Preferences.
  • Find out "Custom robots header tags" in the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the "Edit" button and adjust the settings as same as the image given below. And then save.

7. Add a Custom Robots .txt File:

This is an sophisticated option. You should use it carefully. By this option you can tell the search engine that which part of your site should be listed or not to be listed. To do this, just follow the instructions given below:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Settings>> Search Preferences.
  • Find the "Custom Robots .txt" at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the "Edit". Then a box will appear.
  • Copy the code given below and paste it into the box. Replace "Your Domain" with your domain.
  • Then, Save.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: http://YOUR DOMAIN/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

8. Image Alt. Tag:

Image alt. tag is another important factor in the field of SEO. You can get numbers of visitors by the image if you us image alt. tag correctly.

Finally, I could say to you that, maintain quality not quantity. I Think, these 8 best SEO tricks for blogger will help you to increase your visitors. Try to post minimum one topic per day. But, you should maintain quality. Mind that, quality contents do most of the parts of SEO. 
Thanks to all.

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