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F.lux - A light Software to Protect eyes from Computer.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 6/26/2013 Categories:

Now-a-days most of young people uses computer for a long time by day or at night. But staring at your computer screen is harmful to your eye sight. At last you may suffer from some serious eye problems.

F.lux - A Software to Protect Eyes.

F.lux is a light weight utility that automatically adjust computer screen brightness, specially at night with some tweaking facilities. You can also change it's settings as you need. In day time it gives you bright screen as the Sun and at night it gives best night scree as the sunset.

You can disable it for an hour if you are working color sensitive works as graphic design. Just Download and install it. It runs in the background all day long. It uses only 3.3 MB RAM.

To change it's settings as your location:

  • Click on The Change.

  • Then, click on the Locate.

  • If you are Online, a new tab will open. Write, where you are and click "Go".
  • Copy the GPS and paste in the F.lux.
  • Then "OK" and then "Done".
  • Enjoy!
A new version of F.lux is available. 
Download it: f.lux3.0Beta.

Thanks a lot.

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