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Easiest Way to Add an Image ALT Tag in Blogger's Blog.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 5/02/2014 Categories:

Image Alt Tag
Image ALT Tag is one of the most important elements of SEO. It's a part of On-Page Optimization. ALT tag (That means alternative text or alternative name) is a feature that should be added to any visible item on your web page. It's mainly used on photos to offer a text alternative to describe the image in details.  

Here's a quotation from Wikipedia about ALT tags. According to them:

“The alt attribute is commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as an image’s “alt tag”. It is not intended to provide “pop up” text or tooltips when a user’s mouse hovers over the image, though alt text has historically been presented in this way in some web browsers; HTML’s title attribute is intended for supplementary information that can be used in this way. (To use alt correctly and suppress the tooltip that some web browsers generate, a web author can use an empty title attribute.)”.

While downloading images, generally we save those in our hard drive by naming untitled.jpg; untitled-1.jpg etc. After downloading, changing these kind of names by our keywords is very helpful. Or, we can open the downloaded images with photoshop or other graphic design software and edit and then, save the images with the keywords. If you want to upload an image related to Web design, then you should rename the image as "web-design.jpg".

But, it's not enough. Search Robots can't recognize multimedia if it isn't defined by ALT tag. So, Adding ALT tag is necessary to tell the Search  Robots that, what kind of image you are using. Using Image ALT tag  helps you in Search Engine Rankings.

Adding Image ALT tag in Blogger's Blog:

We can define an ALT tag to any image in an easy way. Just follow the steps given below:
  • Add an image in your new post as usual.
  • Click on the image.
  • You can see, options as like as the screenshot given below. Click on "Properties".

Image-Alt-Tag.Fluent SEO

  • Here's an Image Properties Box.
  • In the title box- add your image title.
  • In the alt text box- write a short description within 4-5 words of your image (If your image is about a computer, then write "Laptop computer" as title and write "Asus K46CA Laptop" as the alt text). Look at the screen shot given below.

Alt tag Image properties

  • Try to not to write the same words as the title and alt text. You should use your post's keywords on Image ALT tag.
  • Then, OK.

Another Way to Add ALT Text to an Image in Blogger:

You can add ALT text to an image in another way to your blogger's blog. Just follow the steps:
  • Add an image in your post as usual.
  • Click on the "HTML" tab which is in the top left corner of the post editor page.
  • Find,  HTML source code of Image. It's just like as:
                    <img src="">

  • Then, just put a code [ alt="Asus K46CA Laptop" ] to the end of the above code. That would be as like as:
<img src="" alt="Asus K46CA Laptop"/>

  • Look at the screenshot given below. It'll help you to find the HTML tab of the post editor.
Post editor image of Blogger's Blog
  • It's done. Back to the previous page by clicking on the "Compose" tab which is in the top left corner of the post editor page.

This is not so difficult to add an Image ALT tag. But, you have to be skilled enough to write a proper ALT tag. Don't write anything as you wish. Try to use your main keyword of ongoing post as an ALT tag.

Thanks a lot. If the topic is helpful to you, then please leave a comment.
Happy Blogging.

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