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Content Optimization: A Complete Guide to SEO Friendly Content.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 11/06/2013 Categories:

Content Optimization is very important for search engine rankings. As you are a blogger or article writer, you must think about content management. Because, to see your site on the first page of various search engines, you must write SEO friendly contents. So, you have to know about the content management system. In this article , I shall discuss on how to do content optimization.

Key features of Content Optimization:

Selecting Keywords: 
When you are about going to write an article, at first you have to choose keywords. There are many online tools for keyword research. The Google Keyword Planner and the Bing Webmaster Tools helps you much in this situation. I think, these two tools are most powerful and user friendly. I think, this topic "10 Best Free SEO Tools-2013" is helpful to you.

    The title is the mirror of your content. It must be rich with your primary keyword phrase. And the title should be started with targeted keywords. It's very very important for SEO friendly contents. Please, have a look:
    www.fluentseo.blogspot.comI put "Content Optimization" on the search box and Google presents me this page. In every search result, you could find "Content Optimization". It means which pages contains title with the keyword "content optimization" has been presented. Choose your title carefully. It should contains no more than 60 characters and the first 40 characters should contain the main theme of your topic. 

    Permalink is one of the most important factor for content management. Permalink means the URL of any content. In my blog, there's an article titled "10 Best Free Seo Tools-2013". When you click on the title, the article is shown. The URL of this post  "10-best-free-seo-tools-2013" contains the title, I mean the keywords. So, if you want to write a SEO friendly content, you should define the permalink with the keywords. Please, have a look:

    Meta Description: 
    Meta description of your content is another key feature for content optimization. Meta description is an HTML tag within 150 characters which is used to summarize a webpage or article. Search Engines often use meta descriptions in search results to make visitors to know about the page. If, it meets the visitor's need then they click on a page. So, you have to define meta descriptions carefully. Meta descriptions should contains the keywords and it should starts with the keywords.

    Image Alt. Tag: 
    Using image alt. tag is another important issue for content optimization. The image used in your article can attract visitors if it is correctly optimized. Search Engines can't locate any image without any image alt. tag. Suppose, an image of laptop is put into your content and you defined alt. tag as "Laptop", then anybody searching for laptop image can find this easily.

    Keyword Density: 
    Keyword density means how many the measurement of the percentage of how many times the keyword appears on your content/page. According to SEO rule the keyword density should be maximum 4.5%. It is wise to be less than 4.5%. You can use this "SEO Tools" to know about your content's keyword density.

    Another Important Features of Content Optimization: 
    • The content should contains a Bold or Italic or Underlined keywords.
    • Contents should contains "Anchor Text" with the keywords linking to a internal page or another post of of your blog.
    • You must use H1 and H2 tag with the keywords.
    • Contents should contains "Anchor Text" with the keywords pointing to an external page.
    • The contents should contain the keywords in the first and last 100 words.
    Search Engine Optimization is't so easy task. You can't be successful in a day. If you follow the instructions for content optimization given above and post a unique and SEO friendly content in every day, I assure that, once you also be on the first page of a search engine.

    Thanks a lot.

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