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Easiest Way to Online Income - Sell Photos.

Posted by: Helal Uddin on 5/11/2014 Categories:

There are many online income strategies such as:
Customer Service,
Video Marketing,
E-mail Marketing,
Affiliate Marketing,
Sell Photos, etc.

I think, selling photos online is the easiest way to online income.

Online Income by Selling Your Photos:

If you have a decent camera and a good sense of light, color and composition and if Photography is your hobby, then you can take and sell stock photos online and earn money from your creative efforts. For this you need not to be a professional photographer. You have to just take amazing pictures and upload them to popular stock photo sites. By taking the pictures once, posting them on stock photo sites for download, you can earn money again and again even while sleeping. Selling photos online isn't a way to make you rich, but a good way to change your hobby into money.

There are many stock photo sites online. They let you to add your photos to their showcase and set a demand. The site users browse your photo and purchase what they like. Users can also leave comments and thus, you can get feedback from them. Some of this kind of sites is free. They only collect a commission from every purchase. Some other sites may charge a membership fee.

Famous Stock Photography Agencies Online:

As you are a beginner, I recommend you to use iStockphoto, Shutter Stock or Fotolia. Because, these sites have a lot of clients with various needs. So, the possibility of your photos to be sold is higher.

You can also develop your own website to sell your photos. If your photos are special and can attract visitors, then you can develop a blog or a site with our photos. You can describe your photos with some text or the tale behind the snaps.


What Kind of Photos Sell Best Online?

Basically, it's difficult to say that, what kind of photos sell most online. Photos expressing a particular message or describing a specific concept such as: happiness, success or frustration are popular. Some criteria of best seller photos online:

  • Portrait Photography: Images of people conveying an emotion or concept or lifestyle may be popular all over the world.
  • Landscapes: Landscape photography is always popular. Naturally, people like nature. But, during the time of taking a landscape photo, you have to be more creative. Because, photos of an Ocean, Sunset or a Mountain is not special.
  • Travel: This is another one of the best seller photos online. Basic travel photos are usually more than landscape or cityscape photos.
  • Vector Image: Icons and sets of web elements seem to have a good download rate also. But, vector images demand a higher payment during downloaded as the original vector file. You can draw a picture by using some photo editing software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator and sell them online.
  • 3D Images: If you have experience of working with 3D software, you can create an amazing 3D image and sell them online.
Tips: Read carefully the terms and conditions of a stock photography Agency before uploading your photos. To sell a photo online, you must have the copyright for the photo. If you use any person as a model, you should have an agreement with the person.

I hope, you have enjoyed the guideline. If you are an ameture photographer, I think this discussion would be helpful to you. Stay with me for more information.
Thanks a lot.

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